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Nucleus is a Content Management System (CMS): a powerful set of PHP scripts that allow you to maintain one or more weblogs or online journals. A short summary of the most important features is given below:

* Runs on your own server

* One or more weblogs, even on the same page

* Plugin-interface to add extra functionality

* Comments

* Archives

* Categories

* Search

* Multiple authors

* Future items

* Drafts

* Extensive administration area

* Media library and file upload

* Fully customizable skins and templates

* Skin import/export

* Banlist against commenting system abuse

* RSS syndication

* Easy installation

* Easy backups

* XML-RPC interface (implementing the Blogger API and metaWeblog API)

* XHTML-ready

* Tools to import Blogger and GreyMatter blogs

* ...

Requirements in order to run Nucleus: (If you don't know if you fit the requirements, ask your system administrator)

* PHP (version 4.0.6 or higher)

* Access to a MySQL database (version 3.23.38 or higher)

* Some HTML and CSS knowledge, to edit skins and templates

Nucleus is intended for the people that want full control and 'tweakability' over their sites. If you're just looking for a very simple way to put up a site, or don't know any HTML, you might want to use a 'simpler' service such as Blogger.

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